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Studies including CBD oil in dogs and cats

Research and use of CBD goes back to the early 1800s, however, there is currently limited research for use, tolerance and safety in pets. 


Below is a list of the most up to date research for use in cats and dogs. This information is meant to educate pet owners on how CBD, in general, works in the pet's body.  These results show that CBD is absorbed, tolerated, safe and shows promise in treating specific ailments, such as osteoarthritis and seizures.  CBD Vet Oil was not used in any of the following studies.

  1. Looked at if dogs absorb CBD to a therapeutic level?                                            ​​Study: Is CBD absorb at a useful level and how long does it last: Pharmacokinetics of cannabidiol administered by 3 delivery methods at 2 different dosages to healthy dogs (Can J Vet Res. 2018 Jul; 82(3): 178–183.)


   2. Looked at what effects dose CBD administration have on major organs?

        Study: Single-Dose Pharmacokinetics and Preliminary Safety Assessment with     

        use of CBD-Rich Hemp Nutraceutical in Healthy Dogs and Cats 

       (Animals Received: 30 August 2019; Accepted: 15 October 2019; Published: 19               October 2019)

   3. Colorado State University Study: Randomized blinded controlled clinical trial to   

       assess the effect of oral cannabidiol administration in addition to conventional 

       antiepileptic treatment on seizure frequency in dogs with intractable idiopathic

       epilepsy (Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association June 1, 2019, Vol.

       254, No. 11, Pages 1301-1308) 

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